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Does VR help with ACL recovery?

In November 2018, I finally snapped the last remaining part of my ACL in my left knee while attending McM Birmingham. Strangely, it was my first Comicon event, and I certainly left in impressive fashion.

The next day, the reaslisation that I have a serious injury really hit me. I was unable to stand, move, bend down, do anything really. I was bed bound for the next month and struggled to get use the bathroom and get in and out of the bath. Being brought down to one of the lowest moments in my life really helped bring some perspective to what was important.

What happened next was months of therapy, physio, determination, incredibly long amount of painful periods, and also using my bum to go up and down the stairs (which is quite amusing to do). Strangely, by using this method of moving myself around, I was strengthening my legs without realising it. Once I was feeling a little more confident, I finally managed to walk down the stairs, 1 step at a time. A personal victory and one I thought I would never be able to do. This was the fuel I needed to get back on my feet (no pun intended).

Once I was happy, I managed to get myself back into my flat as I was staying with my parents. I got back infront of my PC, and the Oculus client fired up. Now VR has always been a huge passion of mine, and I wondered if I could use this as a way of rehabbing my confidence to move, and also forget any problems I had. After some research, I discovered BoxVR.

BoxVR is fitness boxing in VR where you throw a variety of punches to the beat of music. Call it the fitness version of Beat Saber if you will. What I really like is the interface and also that it does not feel like you are being pressued into anything. I stood up from my chair, got my head set on and started using BoxVR. 20 mins had passes and I manged to do a very short but positive workout.

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